Alaskan Wildlings Preorder Updates

Please check this tab every so often to stay up to date on our preorders. Our preorders stay open 30 Days, then have a 60-90 day turn around time. Please be advised most manufacturers have energy saving mandates put in place at the moment, causing delays. 


we will not have any new updates until after the Chinese New Year.

Preorder rounds 1-15

We have processed all of rounds 1-15 orders that were preordered, Unless you have an unpaid Paypal Layaway order, or mixed your order with a later preorder. 

Inserts rounds 1-5

all orders have been processed.  

Muslin Round 2: Orders have been shipped out, unless your order was a combined preorder 11/30

Round 16: 
Delayed due to energy saving mandates.In production. Updated ETA to ship to me mid may 

Round 17: delayed due to energy saving mandates. 
Updated ETA to ship to me mid may. 

Round 18: Uploaded to preorder website. Closed, extras still available on the website for the time being. ETA late June. 

round 19: will be in stock drop only. 

Minky blanket R3- available to order on the website. I’m production, ETA end of may. 

muslin 3 - ETA end of may

Diaper bags round 2: Refunding, will possibly be an in stock drop later on



Inserts: in production. Eta end of may.