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Alaskan Wildlings Preorder Updates

Please check this tab every so often to stay up to date on our preorders. 


Preorder rounds 1-13

We have processed all of rounds 1-13 orders that were preordered, Unless you have an unpaid Paypal Layaway order, or mixed your order with a later preorder. 

Inserts rounds 1-5

all orders have been processed.  

Muslin Round 2:

is closed. in production.


Round 14:

Is closed. Waiting for tracking. 

Round 15:

Closed August 1st. beginning production. Waiting for test prints.

Round 16:

live. Closed.


Muslin blanket R2-

in production. 

Minky blanket R1-

closed, in production. Has shipped to us.

Minky blanket R2-


Diaper bags round 2:

preorder closed. In production.

-test print posted in tribe. 


Inserts: will open another preorder when extras are sold out on in stock website.